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Build your antenna

I achieve the effectiveness of the Hallo Field Day antennas thanks to the fact that I build several independent antennas combined in one structure.
With the help of resonant band switches, you can build any antenna in the range of 80, 60, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10m. This option is intended for people who want to configure the antenna for their favorite bands.

The process of purchasing an individual antenna

  • Select the antenna option in the configurator below.
  • After configuring the antenna at the bottom of the form, I will provide you with a preliminary project quote.
  • In response to the order, you will receive a precise price offer and delivery time.
  • When you approve the project, I will send you a payment linki.

Antenna configurator

Gotowe rozwiązania i akcesoria. ANTENA KF

Multiband antennas HF

2 bands. Half-wave dipole 20m-40m

 66,00 74,00

Multiband antennas HF

3-band half-wave dipole 80-40-20m

 83,00 90,00

Other products

 101,00 116,00

BalUn 1:1 UnUn 49:1

Current BalUn 1:1