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SP2HFD - Krzysztof

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Dipole 20/40/60/80m

Encouraged by the presentation of Artur on the YouTube channel of Hallo Field Day and after reading additional reviews, I decided to buy a ready-made four-band dipole 20/40/60 / 80m.

From the beginning, my idea was to treat this antenna as a base. It is so light that a long rod is enough as a mast without one / two end elements AND NOW 🙂
In the middle of the altitude I gave 3 lashings and … it even withstood the gusts of the recent February storm. It hangs with me as an inverted V with a power point approx. 10 m above the ground.

The resonance traps, despite the fact that they are solidly varnished, I have closed in small, light bottles made of thin transparent plastic, which are generally available in one of the drugstore chains AND ON THE MAST !.

The antenna works wonderfully. For confirmation, I enclose a map from less than two months. I will not write about the solidity of the workmanship, because other colleagues have already written about it. I am only joining this opinion. I am thinking now about extending (for an extra) with new bands. Of course, after contacting Artur, who is always helpful. I highly recommend it to everyone, not only for excursions.

73! Krzysztof SP2HFD

hallo field day - dipol czteropasmowy


End Fed

I used a 1:49 impedance transformer in the OB1 housing to build my End Fed antenna. Due to the fact that I live in a block of flats, the antenna was intended to be “invisible”.

For its construction, I used a copper wire with a diameter of only 0.8 mm. The transformer itself is hung on the balcony (2nd floor), and the end of the wire is on a nearby tree.

During the installation of the antenna, I received support from Arthur many times, for which I am very grateful! I promised that I would report how the antenna works – I think that 220 connections (all in SSB) is the right moment.

If I were to describe it, I would simply write that it works great and I would not lie at all, but sometimes a picture means more than 1000 words, so the best confirmation would be the visualization of the connections made.
The effects of working with my balcony End Fed exceeded my expectations.
I sincerely recommend!

DL9RNV - Rafał

Multiband dipole

A few days ago I had the opportunity to test the 15/17/20/30/40/60 / 80m dipole in the WAG 2021 competition in the QRP category. Audio only, antenna suspended on a 10m mast. The map shows the potential of this antenna. The antenna itself is made of solid, light materials and it is easy to adjust it to your preferences or field conditions with the use of reeds. I recommend! Rafal DL9RNV


 50,00 54,00

HF5WIM – Włodek

Włodek has been “enjoying” amateur radio since 1967.
I will definitely use his ideas / suggestions in future Hallo Field Day projects.

40m band dipole

Very careful workmanship of the antenna set. Inv Vee and horizontal dipole configurations possible. The tips make it easy to select the band and range in a simple way. Adding a simple switch / jumper will enable field work on two bands, e.g. an additional 80m. Strong line, although it could be a bit thicker, which will facilitate hanging and the line will not get tangled. The kit would include a lashing line and, if it is single-lane operation, also two terminal insulators. The price is adequate to the quality. I recommend it to those who like field trips, a plot or use stationary antennas.

SP7BR - Bartek


Impedance transformer 49: 1

Buying a 49: 1 transformer was a very good idea. Suspended base antenna. SWR as shown in the photos is very low on all bands. Working on the antenna without an antenna box. The antenna is a 40m radiator and 4m counterweight. It tunes perfectly. Xiegu G90 radio. On the 80m band I received 59 reports. I haven’t checked the other bands yet, because today there were competitions everywhere.

Bartek likes to work in FT8 digital broadcasting. Therefore, I am glad that with the use of Hallo Field Day components, it was possible to build an antenna in which you do not need to use an antenna box on many bands.

SP7AJ - Arek


49: 1 impedance transformer on PCB

Arek SP7AJ sent confirmation of interesting contacts. It used a 49: 1 impedance transformer on the PL2 board to make the End Fed antenna. The equipment and power of the Ark are: Xiegu G90 + 20W SSB

CE8EIO – Chile

QSO confirmed with a QSL card


Another interesting connection was made by Arek with the CX2BAH station. As he wrote, the connection was also realized with the power of 20W SSB on the Xiegu G90 radio.

CX2BAH – Uruguay

QSO confirmed with a QSL card