Fiberglass mast 12m


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It can be a compact, lightweight and durable high mast for a short wave wire antenna (in “inverted V” configuration, as a midpoint support for a dipole antenna or as a support for a long wire antenna.
With the use of such a pole, you can also place a vertical, full-size GP antenna for amateur bands over 40m (from 7MHz “up”) in the “elevated radials” configuration with an elevated power point.
The total length of all the trains is 12m, but when unfolded, they overlap and after spreading the pole the maximum length is slightly shorter.

  • Length when extended: approx. 1150 cm
  • Folded length (transport): 110 cm
  • Bottom segment diameter: 52 mm
  • Bottom section wall thickness: 1 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Number of segments: 12
  • Color: black with blue (on the thickest segment), other segments black

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