Multiband dipole 100W 15/17/20/40M

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Multiband half wave dipole.

The theory is that an effective multi-band antenna is very difficult to make. However, there is a solution. A multiband antenna that consists of several independent and separated antennas.
The design of the multi-band HF Hallo Field Day antennas is designed so that the antenna is primarily effective, supports as many bands as possible, is light and comfortable to transport

You can choose

Antenna operating bands

This antenna works on very popular amateur frequencies. These bands are open most of the year. The 17m band gives you a choice when you do not want to participate in ham radio contest

Resonance trap. HF multi-band antenna

Resonance traps

The traps used in the antenna divide it automatically into half-wave segments on each band. To minimize losses, their resonant frequency has been set outside the frequency of each band. Resonance traps are protected with varnish

Tuning the antennas

Tuning clamps are used in the resonance traps (you can use them or not). Thanks to them, you can quickly tune the antenna to the DIGI or CW band. Short tuning cables of sufficient length are enough and you can easily add them to any antenna band.

Small size and weight

Resonance traps are small (70mm / 40mm), the line used weighs only 4g / 1m and is resistant to stretching and breaking up to 35 kg. This is a very good transport and operational performance for field antennas. The folded antenna has a very small size. You can put it in your backpack.

Antenna description

  • Total length – 26,2m
  • One half length – 13,1 m
  • Power: 100W SSB, CW, 50W DIGI
  • Work bands: 15/17/20/40M
  • Dimensions of resonance traps: 70mm x 40mm
  • Resonance traps protected with varnish
  • The set is assembled, ready to work



You can select the BalUn version in the options.
Portable, light version (painted with varnish) without housing or in a waterproof housingPL2 bez obudowy

Core: FT 140-43
Core wire: 22AWG, Silver plated copper, PTFE isolation

Resonance traps 100W

Protected with varnish. Each resonant trap has a tuning clamp for each band. The set includes reusable clamps for winding the antenna.

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26,2 meters of reinforced antenna wire 1.5mm outer diameter


2 pcs. HFD antenna isolator with the possibility of tuning the antenna

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Cable tie

They are used to wind up the antenna


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