Half-wave dipole. Single band 30m-100W

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Portable half wave dipole for 30m

Half wave dipole for the 30m band

  • Total length – 15m
  • One half length – 7.5 m
  • Power: 100W SSB, CW, 50W DIGI
  • Core: FT 140-43
  • BalUn: Current BalUn 1:1
  • The set is assembled, ready to work

The kit includes:

BalUn 1: 1 you can choose

You can select the BalUn version in the options.
Portable, light version (painted with varnish) without housing or in a waterproof housing
Core: FT 140-43
Core wire: 22AWG, Silver plated copper, PTFE isolation

antenna isolator with antenna tuning option

2 pcs. HFD antenna isolator with the possibility of tuning the antenna

30% discount on appearals

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Kevlar-reinforced antenna wire

15 meters of reinforced antenna wire 1.5mm outer diameter

Additionally, you can order

Wielopaskowa antena KF

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